NomCom 2021

MAG Members 2022-2023

Nominating committee (NOMCOM) report


Considering that the internet governance forum (IGF) is a global space for dialogue on the internet policies aiming at accelerating the sustainable development, security, stability and internet development and implementing the defined objectives and the basic principles of the north African (NAIGF), and considering the tasks of the NOMCOM composed of 3 members:
And after having reviewed the CVs of the submitted candidates and defined the evaluation criteria, we are pleased to share with you the following observations and recommendations


(24) candidates submitted their CVs to the MAG membership from 7 countries

Evaluation procedure:

The NOMCOM agreed up on a number of elements:

Proposed members:

The following members have been selected to be submitted to the general assembly (alphabetic order).
  • Badreddine KEMITTI
  • Rabie bouyahiaoui
  • Abdelmoneem GALILA
  • Ahmed FARAG
  • Mohamed FARAHAT
  • Mohamed Hilal ALTUBOLI
  • Omar SHURAN
  • Fatma OUMRAN
  • Haouba AHMEDOU
  • Touensi ELWALED
  • Aziz HILALI
  • Mohamed BEN TALEB
  • Houssine SAF
  • Moamin HAMAD
  • Tijani BEN JEMAA
  • Faical BAYOULI
  • Khadija RAMMEH